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Three Point Hitch Tiller

Written By: The Mad Tiller - Feb• 24•12

Phoenix Tillers by Sicma. All Tillers have 6 tines per Rotor (Except the 36″ Tiller, it has 4 tines per Rotor). Heavy Duty 3 Point Hitch, Clevis Style for Easy Hook Up. 7″ Adjustable Skid Shoes, Offset or Side Shift Feature.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. JamesTyreeII says:

    Using a Howard rotovator 1 pass is all that is needed and then disk can be used for a second pass or vice versa. Over tilling destroys the soil tilth and structure.

  2. ddd3240 says:

    Thanks for another great video. Enjoy them all. I have a six foot tiller that I use on my garden and it works great. Saves time and labor. I dont particularly find your methods wasteful at all. Find it to be the easiest way to do it. I do mine much the same. As for your size? I find it to be about right and we must have the same fashion designer. Dont worry about the midgits, everbody cant be like me and you.

  3. FreGilHai says:

    Wow. You till about 10-12′ wide swath of land 5-6 times for a single row of beans? That is a wasteful way to grow them. However you are one heck of a character even if the company just found you for that video and know squat about vegetables.

  4. 383chevystroker says:

    that is a Big man!

  5. smyers820gm says:

    @smyers820gm Haha sorry HUGE

  6. smyers820gm says:

    JEEEEEZZZZZZ man, are you a power lifter? HAHAHAH Your arms are bigger than my body… and I got a HUGH beer gut ! ROFLMAO

  7. dixie03dixie says:

    what ever happened to cultivaters? then you can plant closer rows and not waste as much land for your crops?

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