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Start and drive the 1980 Montgomery Ward 10/38 lawn tractor

Written By: The Mad Tiller - Mar• 05•12

Here’s the rusty ‘ol yellow Montgomery Ward tractor in action. It’s a got a 10hp Briggs & Stratton and a 3-speed gear drive trans. I started it up for the first time since June of 2008 and tested everything out, seems to work as well as I recall. I was actually kinda surprised that an engine with breaker points stored outdoors for so long actually fired. The orange Montgomery Ward has the same engine, and it sat outside covered and for half the time as this one and it won’t spark now. Go figure…
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  1. tractormangerry2 says:

    hey do u think it would be worth it to get lawn mowers and tractors off of craigslist and clean them up and fix em and re sell em ? i was thinking of doin that any thoughts or tips ? any thoughts would be appreciated thank you

  2. ringbolt9 says:

    cool man

  3. highperformace86 says:

    @chillyquack the carb is dirty so it tends to move the govener untill the carb cleans it self out.

  4. mrking039 says:

    i have one like this, the shifter is stuck and will only go into 2 and nuetral PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  5. 4343Jonathan says:

    @LynolsOffice hey dude i left a comment saying that i got one of these but when i got it the lights seemed funny could u do a vid on how the lights r set up? ill be making a vid of mine soon. thanks and great vids!!!

  6. bwild61 says:

    There is one of these in my shop now…lol!

  7. Alexsslawncare says:

    @LynolsOffice I got one a few years ago and it was MINT and me being the 13 yearold dumb shit spraypainted it like 10000000000000000 differant colors. lol

  8. Alexsslawncare says:

    Wana buy a deck for it? Its CHEAP cuz i dont use the deck. look on my profile there will be videos up of my wards soon!

  9. flexer1200 says:

    i have one that runs at speed of 25mph at 8000rpms and idles at 900to1000

  10. xreaperxchriz says:

    @Chillyquack yea and thanks to ethanol now im always fixing pushmowers and tractors cause of that.

  11. stydel311 says:

    hi, ive got a request for a video. I was wondering, how do u drive a modern riding lawn mower. Things like how to start the blade, how to shift, and how to start and stop the mower from moving. thanks

  12. 420witchdoctor says:

    I sure do like the way those little 10 horse Briggs motors sound :P

  13. dungey28 says:

    I got a ’68 but can no find anybody with a similar one.

  14. dexterro6010 says:

    @LynolsOffice It’s been a great little tractor. I also replaced the throttle assembly, rebuilt the carb, and changed the muffler setup. Used her this past weekend to do some dethatching. Probably my favorite tractor at this point. Thanks again, Lynol.

  15. placesigopeopleimeet says:

    Lynol if only you lived close rLOL

  16. placesigopeopleimeet says:

    I almost bought it and i regret me decsion!

  17. Mississippi1313 says:

    Good,glad to see it got to a good home

  18. LynolsOffice says:

    @Mississippi1313 Yeah, I liked it too. I sold it to a guy who repainted the hood, it looks real nice now.

  19. Mississippi1313 says:

    I’ve always liked the little Ward

  20. MBernier81 says:

    Sweet tractor!! Does that thing have a Peerless 600 series?  If so, is it the 600 or the 601 slow speed version?

  21. slowride55 says:

    chopchop1047 has the same thing ecept it has a stck exhaust and duals

  22. Nza420 says:

    yep.. it only takes about a week around here for gas to change color and start losing its potency..

  23. LynolsOffice says:

    It’s not a Briggs thing, it’ an old dirty carburetor thing. You’d be surprised how fast carbs can get dirty and messed up.

  24. TheGeek1028 says:

    I’ve got a Briggs 20 HP in my lawn tractor, and apparently, from what I can tell, it has something to do with the fuel system. I could be wrong, but that’s what I can tell.

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