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Simplicity and Allis Chalmers Garden Tractors

Written By: The Mad Tiller - Jan• 31•12

These are 6 of my 10 Simplicity and Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors.

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  1. allisjohnboy says:

    hey Zippo, I have a allis B-212, think its a 1969 or 70. I’m rebuilding it all, was wondering if you would know how i could get the right manual for rebuilding the motor? I can not find any numbers on the briggs. any help would be great.

  2. corsomark says:

    Hey sooooo, I live real close to biggyrat in flora….I was wondering if I could get his number I really want a simplicity or AC….any help would be appreciate thanx man love the videos keep them coming!!!!

  3. charger19691 says:

    Hi Zippo, I have a simplicity regent 4108 lawn tractor that I’m going to refurbish, do you think simplicity still has parts for this old gal? If not do you know who would have parts for this tractor? Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks.

  4. popnstart says:

    Zippo, you do good work with your antiques, especially adding needed accessories. I have a 70’s(?)Simplicity Landlord mower for sale with tiller and 4 ft sickle bar mower. Details and pics are on craigslist post # 2639803562 if you are interested. Later, Rick.

  5. bosch4life says:

    hey zippo its Bosch with another question first off thanks for a quick response my allis chalmers has a 12 hp kohler now in the winter time the battery drained so i took the battery out to charge so i tried to jump it when i started it i took the jumper off and the machine died so i repeated and the same thing so i was wondering if this is factory to run with the battery or something wrong with my wiring

    thanks keith

  6. ZippoVarga says:

    @bosch4life Hiya Bosch. Absolutely……That hole is for a Guide Lamp that your local Simplicity dealer should still be able to get for the tractor. Any light will work and they sure come in handy when plowing or blowing snow in the dark!!

  7. bosch4life says:

    hey zippo i have a allis chalmers 912 hydro i think its a 1980 plus so it might not be your cup of tea cause it looks like you take more interest in the older ones but on the back of yours you have the rear light now my chalmers has a hole for one and i put one there but i was wondering if my era chalmers if that’s factor to have one there thanks for all the vids looks like you have great collection

  8. wckdkl0wn says:

    I’m going to be picking up a 1971 Homelite t-12 tomorrow. Hydro drive with electric pto. Also comes with snow plow. I can’t wait to get started on restoring it. From what I understand a lot of the simplicity parts are interchangeable? Where would I go online to find parts if needed? Do you know anything about the homelites?

  9. bcl36 says:

    Great video, I love it. I recently got an Allis 416, I just took the tiller off, set the mower under and cant figure how the belt works, am I missing any parts? Any Advice? Thanks

  10. bcl36 says:

    Great video, I love it. I recently got an Allis 416, I just took the tiller off, set the mower under and cant figure how the belt works, am I missing any parts? Any Advice?

  11. bigbam2wwf says:

    @ZippoVarga and same with me, i have a small mower shop and people go “how can you do the things you do with your tractor and it not brake down at all.” and i just point out on my cub cadet, “ok look at my frame, cast iron.” “look at yours, sheet metal. look at my tranny, cast iron, yours is practicly plastic” thanks :)

  12. ZippoVarga says:

    @bigbam2wwf I couldn’t agree more! My neighbors are always bringing their POS Box Store mowers in for repairs and they always ask me……….do yours ever break down? I just chuckle and tell them the machines I have were built to last, unlike todays disposable mowers and offer to find them one. So far, they just keep sinking money into their Crapsmans and Home Depot John Deere wanna bees. If you want a REAL Garden Tractor, you gotta look to the past. Thanks for the comment!!! Cheers!!

  13. bigbam2wwf says:

    the older the tractor the better

  14. AllanRoat says:

    hey i was wondering if you would be intrested in selling any of your lawn tractors i am a lawn tractor inthuzest to got to love the olds ;P

  15. derrick69errr says:

    nice tractor the lawn mower man

  16. derrick69errr says:

    nice tractor

  17. generalleejesse says:

    @generalleejesse i mean 125

  18. generalleejesse says:

    @ZippoVarga i would love to get it running but i dont know with a blown push rod idk but your welcom but you do gotsome nice riders there it sounds great and i ment i got a 1960 case ih 122

  19. ZippoVarga says:

    @generalleejesse Thanks Jesse! Looking forward to seeing your machine up and running!!

  20. generalleejesse says:

    im 14 i 60 a 1960 case ih cant wait till i get it running but thatsa beautiful tractor you got there

  21. ZippoVarga says:

    @lilbrozander101 Be sure to post plenty of vids!! You can learn a lot from these old machines. Enjoy bro!

  22. lilbrozander101 says:

    @ZippoVarga I hope to get a Simplicity 707 Wonderboy, and restore it. BTW im 14

  23. lilbrozander101 says:

    Cool. Im 14 and im hooing to get a rusty old Simplicity 707 Wonderboy. I hope to make it look like new.

  24. cubshop says:

    @ZippoVarga yes i do

  25. ZippoVarga says:

    @burgerboy1010 Harley take offs and customs that I’ve made. Go to your local muffler shop and look at their long chrome exhaust tips. That should give you some ideas.

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