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Hahn-Eclipse Tiller w/ a stock 5hp briggs and stratton engine

Written By: The Mad Tiller - Mar• 31•12

a walk around of my old hahn-eclipse roto-tiller (the beast) it has a 5hp briggs and stratton engine everything is stock…i painted a few parts with some old paint i had and fixed it up a bit to get it runnin…probably gonna put a billit cam, lifters, and new oem piston, rings and valves…parts are from Dynocamstore.com great store….:D still have lots of paintin to do but i have to find a sand blaster first…then i can do the whole thing nice….btw its loud with no muffler….the bolts broke off in the head…
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  1. stang1066 says:

    well i had it somewhat finished other then paint..and i took it out and did a nice long dig in super hard turf dirt (governerless) and it kinda sucked in the intake gasket against the motor and it leaned out backfired bad and quit and hasn’t ran right since im kinda upset. it wont idle will barely stay running period …oops i guess :/ need rings?? maybe sleeve or replate? lap-job wouldn’t hurt…

  2. 7748maxx says:

    The seals can fail on the gear box, but the numbers can be taken from the seals or the bearings to a Bearing supply house and new ones can be brought. If the starter rope will not rewind correctly, try taking to cover off and check the top post of the fly wheel, see if it turns freely in the wind direction, it it does not, shoot a spray of cleaner and the small hole in the center of the top post..and oil. If no spark, check the coil under the starting rope cover, check the gap is clear

  3. 7748maxx says:

    Hahn tillers were the best of the best.. They dig with the less vibration and bumping then any front tine tiller. I finally found one this past weekend, someone had fixed it up and just have a few simple things to repair. Years ago now, contractors here use to use them to dig for Footers. and then shovel the dirt. I would rather have one of these in the 3hp then the new back tine tillers as they are so handy and easy to operate and can get in tight places.

  4. dc5000123 says:

    Cool Project !!!!!
    So when your done building up the motor your going to keep on Tillin???

  5. Eric Laufenburger says:

    I have a Hahn eclipse tiller and need a drive gear. Any suggestions or are you willing to part out the beast?

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