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Gravely L-8 with Roto-Tiller attachment

Written By: The Mad Tiller - Dec• 13•11

This is my 1964 Gravely L-8 Super with the Rotary Cultivator Attachment that i just got working if you have questions please comment
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  1. 64gravely says:

    @sports22k It depends on which way you have the cultivator gearbox facing. with mine the tines are rotating forward and the tractor is going forward so i does not put much strain on the machine at all. its a lot less strain then breaking ground with it set up as a regular rotary plow. Plus gravelys are bullet-proof the love stress!

  2. sports22k says:

    just for future use its easier if you go in reverse and less stress on the machine

  3. 64gravely says:

    Yah usually they are pretty beat up but that one was in good shape

  4. 5Tractorguy says:

    Nice video on the cultivator! There aren’t to many videos of thoes on here. Looks like it’s in great shape too!

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