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Farmall Cub w/Howard Rotavator tilling garden

Written By: The Mad Tiller - Mar• 04•12

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. TheTractorguy140 says:

    nice video what year is your cub there 63 to 65 red square nose or 76 to 79 cub nice working in your garden enjoyed it

  2. ClayPigeonKiller says:

    @flydown111 the tiller is offset to the side. If he just turned around he’d leave tracks.

  3. bcberryfarm says:

    Did your cub come with this de-speeder. I’ve seen gear reduction levers on 140’s and it sounds like that’s kinda what you have on your cub. Can you make a video showing this part of your cub?

  4. bcberryfarm says:

    @flydown111 if you actually watched him as he was driving away from the camera you’d see why he’s not just turning around at the end of each pass. I guess the “LOL” is on you, genius.

  5. AugustusLarch says:

    So the cub doesn’t have a live PTO, it’s slaved to the drive wheels and this despeeder fractions another gear from the wheels to keep the attachment speed up.

    Am I sorta right. I miss using a tractor. The one I used was sold. I would like to build one so I pay attention to the technical stuff.

  6. dirtdevil919 says:

    No problem didn’t realize you didn’t know about the de-speeder. It goes between the left final drive and the transmission. When engaged it will slow down the ground speed of the tractor. When the engine is idled up enough to power the tiller it’s to fast to do any real tilling. So with this attachment engaged it will allow a slower ground speed and keep the rpms up high enough to run the tiller effectively.

  7. AugustusLarch says:


    The de-speeder? I have never operated one of those. Is it part of the clutch?

    I was just making an explanation for the ferry trip back on every pass. Some people like to do things their own way. That is fine by me.

  8. dirtdevil919 says:


    Actually that is third with the despeeder engaged.

  9. dirtdevil919 says:


    Due to the tiller being narrower then the tractor I don’t till on the return trip. If I started tilling in the center I could till each trip just like you would use a land plow. However I wasn’t thinking about it at the time so didn’t do it that way I guess.

  10. AugustusLarch says:


    The dude likes to use the road gear on every pass.

  11. flydown111 says:

    No need to drive back to the other end of the field..Just turn right back in and go the other way LOL….

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