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DR Roto-Hog Power Tiller – Garden Soil

Written By: The Mad Tiller - Oct• 02•11

If you want to enjoy a bountiful harvest or beautiful plantings, you may need to improve your soil. And that’s something the Roto-Hog does better than any walk-behind tiller. With a Roto-Hog Power Tiller you can transform even the worst dirt into nutrient-rich topsoil. And you can do it naturally by tilling in organic material including leaves, compost and cover crops. The National Gardening Association’s Horticulturist, Charlie Nardozzi, has been lending gardening advice for over 25 years. When we were searching for an expert opinion on the DR Roto-Hog, we could think of no one better suited for the job than Charlie. Charlie: Well the soil is the soul of your garden. The healthier the soil the less problems you’re gonna have with it concerning watering, weeds, insects and diseases. If you build up a real nutritious and healthy soil from the beginning, then you’re not gonna have to do as much work throughout the gardening season. And the way to do that is to build it up with organic matter. And that could be in the form of compost, shredded leaves, shredded grass clippings, anything that’s gonna build up the organic matter in the soil is gonna create a healthier soil.
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