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Assembling a Rototiller Attachment for Cub Cadet trimmer

Written By: The Mad Tiller - Jun• 10•12

In this video I explain and perform the assembly of my expandit rototiller attachment for my Cub Cadet trimmer. Then I do a short demonstration of it in action. Ryobi now makes the Expandit attachments for string trimmera that except attachments.
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  1. paisteboy says:

    Ah, That makes sense. Thanks for watching.

  2. dtq7388 says:

    all atachments made are made by electro lux regardless of name on box

  3. paisteboy says:

    Glad it helped. Thanks for watching.

  4. paisteboy says:

    Cool. That’s just what I’m going to use it for. What type of trimmer are you using yours on? Thanks for the comment.

  5. paisteboy says:

    It seems to be strong, but I haven’t really used it in the garden yet. It’s been wet and I don’t have much weed growth either. Thanks for the comment.

  6. wesley5138 says:

    pretty nice I’ve got one of these does well when you drag it toward you and push down. great for spot tilling and weed control !

  7. 01jaycob says:

    great video man, looks nice.
    how do you like it?

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