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get rid of out of control weeds in garden?

Written By: The Mad Tiller - Sep• 21•11

Question by : get rid of out of control weeds in garden?
I’ll admit I’ve been neglecting my garden. It is full of weeds! I don’t have any kind of garden tools to clean it up with. what do I need to do? The lawn grass is even moving in. There is a mulch paper that’s oven the entire garden for years now, with holes where things were planted. I don’t know what to do. All I can think is I can’t afford a tiller or anything.

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Answer by jason
I myself had to resort to pullin weeds by hand i dont like chemicals near anything editable

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  1. Duke Powerhand says:

    Dig in and pull’em, its the worst part of gardening.

  2. mindshift says:

    There’s no easy, magic way to get rid of the weeds. Don’t expect to finish the project in a day; plan to pull some every chance you get, though, even if you only have time to clear a couple of square feet at a time. Remove the old paper mulch as you clear the weeds away, and discard it.

    If the area that needs weeding is really large, go to any hardware store or garden center and buy a hoe, spade, or garden fork. If the garden is for vegetables you’ll need one of these anyway. A hoe is a great tool for chopping out weeds, but doesn’t turn the soil deeply like the spade or garden fork. The spade is a square bladed, flat shovel. The garden fork is a four pronged implement that works better for heavy soil. Any of these tools should cost about $ 20, but can cost be much more expensive. And, if you store the tool out of the weather it will last forever.

  3. Shirotae says:

    This should be of help to you with more info on that.

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